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Freelance Problems : Hi, My Name is Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a famous Silicon Valley entrepreneur, tech/marketing author and blogger. You can check out his essays and articles at

1I wasn’t aware of this for some time, and when I would get compliments about my fabulous marketing articles and essays, I would feel flattered, say thank you, then catch myself a few minutes later thinking “Wait…what essays?” Well, I finally realized what the confusion was all about when I finally googled my name and saw words like, Silicon Valley, New York Times, Fortune, Wired and Wall Street Journal. Since then, I’ve come to terms with the fact that it will be an uphill battle to get to the front page of google when people search for”Andrew Chen”. Those coveted spots belong to Silicon Valley Andrew Chen, Melbourne Andrew Chen, a Fashion Designer, and Texas Andrew Chen, a Lawyer and Advisor. I’ve always thought to myself, “Well it could be worse. At least they’re not graphic designers.”

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Some thoughts (and a bunch of videos) about Christianity, Hardcore, Cornerstone & Community

Photo credit: Steadfast Media

I’m a hardcore kid and I’m a Christian. If those two words show up in a sentence, there’s a good chance the following sentence will contain the word “Cornerstone”. Whether you were a band, a brand or just another hardcore kid – there was nothing quite like that experience every summer. Getting to hang out somewhere where you really felt like you belonged, seeing a bunch of crazy shows with your friends, the flyers everywhere, the protesters – It was always something special.

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The Sleep, Gym, Work Conundrum

This is my predicament:

If I go to the gym at night, there’s a good chance I hit the creative zone after I come home and I can go full steam until 3 or 4. (I guess it’s the endorphins?). Of course, waking up the next morning becomes a definite challenge – I either bite the bullet and live tired for a few days.

You would think switching to morning gym would solve that problem and put me in the zone right in time for the day to start – but instead, I get antsy and don’t really hit my stride until the evening.

If I go to bed before midnight, I can wake up with enough motivation to get in the zone after some coffee – but I find I don’t work with anywhere near the amount of speed or energy that I do in my night sessions, and by the time the afternoon swings around, I’m ready to hit the gym.

If I’m working out, late night is when I do my best work, but I end up staying up way too late. If I don’t work out, my schedule is normalized a little bit, but I definitely feel the loss on every front and and because I don’t have the energy to push through the late night, I miss my window for the best work.

I’m going to have to figure this one out.

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5 Ways to Work Smarter & Be Happier

I’m a self-diagnosed workaholic. It’s perhaps too strong of a term, but I derive most of my energy and satisfaction from getting things done. As many other self diagnosed workaholics will tell you, it’s not as much about being busy, as it is the feeling of success and accomplishment after achieving or overcoming something. There are real dangers to this (just read about the regrets of the dying) if you let it overtake you. Personally, I want to enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done AND the experience of life without regrets. From my own failures I’ve learned some practical tips to work a little bit wiser, bring down the stress level and make daily steps towards living better.

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Getting Things Done Simplified : productivity, for the rest of us

When I was 18 years old, I was offered a job as the operations director of a youth ministry. I had graduated high school less than a year go, and I was in the middle of the first office job I’d ever held as a junior graphic designer. I had zero experience in the world of management, ministry operations – the only things I’d ever really done were design t-shirts and build websites, but young, curious, and ready to try new things, I accepted the job.

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How To Make Your First Dollar

This month, I started a course called “How to Make your First Dollar” from Noah Kagan, creator of AppSumo. I’ve always been a little bit unconventional and “do-it-yourself” in life, and one thing I really appreciate about AppSumo and similar startups is the DIY culture that surrounds the companies. Though these are serious businesses, the people behind them see the value of not taking yourself to seriously, and having fun as an entrepreneur.

I’m looking forward to completing this course and seeing progress on some of the business ideas I’ve been toying with over the past year!

You can check out the course here How to Make Your First Dollar

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Toy Train in Space

I found this video will browsing my news feed today. Two things I like about this video:

1. Genius & Creativity: Besides the effort that it took to even setup a project like this, this dad took the time to even animate expressions onto the train. He took a science experiment and turned it into a story. I love that.

2. Relationship: Seeing the father interact with the son and the amount of work he put into doing something special for him – as far as I can tell, just for the heck of it – well, let’s just say I was smiling for the majority of that video.