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A Little Bit of Home

I took the HVX along today just to film around. I spent most of the time driving on the 210 and the rest of it hanging out in Northridge. I wandered around CSUN (Cal State Northridge for you non-californians) for awhile getting some footage. I’ve been to the campus so many times in the past – I don’t think I’ve ever given it a second thought before. Today was different. Walking around the campus, I felt a burden for student revival sitting like a rock in my stomach. I’m longing for a movement of wholehearted young people. A faithful few who would be willing to put side issues and the pursuit of comfort to rest – literally giving all to Jesus. Marked not by presumption, gifting or delusion but humility, obedience and simple, faithful prayer.

By the time this video is uploaded, there will be 300 students from Kansas City boarding buses to make the long trek to Southern California…see you guys soon.

A Little Bit of Home from Andrew Chen on Vimeo.

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