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(Brief) Update and (Lots of) Recent Projects

Keep your goals in sight; reach for them but don’t be afraid to change them if you need to. Have perspective. Look at the choices and circumstances in light of your life vision. Personally, I know the what I want my Jesus to say about me when I meet Him, and having that moment always before me gives me peace and confidence–no matter what changes come my way.With all that said, I’ll change gears a little bit. Here are some projects from the past few months that I selected to post.Coronado Left For Dead: Logo and Album ArtworkBrett from Coronado Left For Dead contacted me several months ago to talk about artwork for their new self-titled album (it was just released last week!) We discussed concepts back and forth before settling on on a new logo for the band and designing the album around it. After a couple weeks of work and rehashing, we landed on the ornate logo with rustic/vintage layout and I love the way it turned out. Check out Coronado Left for Dead at They’re a local Kansas City band and Fans of Every Time of Die, Maylene, Underoath, Norma Jean etc. will dig the sound. The production turned out awesome and the art was a lot of fun to work on.coronado.jpgAscend the Hill: T-Shirt DesignsThis was my second time working with Ascend the Hill. They’re one of my favorite clients to work with. I love their music and the heart behind it. It’s always an awesome experience to design for them. Visit Ascend the Hill at and check out the other Come and Live artists as well
ascend.jpg Aperture: T-Shirt DesignsWhen Aperture approached me looking for some new T-shirt designs, they already had a good sense of the feel and style they wanted, but left a lot of room in the art direction for me to be creative (a designer’s dream.) We landed with two new T-shirts that I’m really stoked on. Check out Aperture at
aperture.jpgGANGSTASWITHCAPGUNS: T-Shirt DesignGANGSTASWITHCAPGUNS is another local Kansas City band that I had the opportunity to work with this year. We experimented with a couple of ideas before switching direction to focus on the band’s Kansas City roots. The band chose the KC city sky station as the focal image for the shirt and asked for style reminiscent of simple, traditional Hardcore pieces. I was super pumped to go in that direction, and here is the design that evolved. You can check out GANGSTASWITHCAPGUNS at
gangstas.jpgJules and Bethany: Wedding InvivationsLast but not least, here is my favorite project of the year so far. Not just because it was a fun experience (which it was) or because the final product turned out well (which it did). This project is special to me because it belongs to two of my best friends. Jules’ and Bethany’s wedding location in downtown KC provided the inspiration for this piece. Jules, a freelance writer, incorporated some of his art into the invitation text (a very clever personal touch). The wedding is coming up fast and I’m looking forward to it so much. (Jules and Bethany, I love you both and I am so excited for you!) Follow Jules’ blog at
bethanyandjules.jpgI’ll be updating my portfolio section soon with these projects and a few others. Thanks for reading! Follow me on Twitter


I’ve been staying busy for the past several months. Between classes, the prayer room, F!GHT, IHOP–KC projects and other new clients, blogging and updating has been on the backburner. It is as if a whirlwind began to brew at some point. At first you don’t really notice, then before you know it, you realize everything could suddenly be turned upside down. It is not negative, just mounting change. In the mdist of it all, there is a precious sense of comforting remembrance and security.So, as it so happens, somewhere back there, I unwittingly stepped into the whirlwind of change, and I can finally see where it’s about to drop me off–just for now of course. I can see a lot is changing around me, but I never want to forget why I am doing the things I am doing. I want to encourage you in this: New seasons can be exciting and a little bit intimidating (sometimes devastating), but whatever comes around the bend, remember that it is journey. There is a big picture. There is a final destination. Sure, along the way, you’re going to have to make some stops for food and fuel; some will suck and some will rule. Either way, don’t get hung up on the lame ones and don’t get too enamored with the sweet ones. It is not ultimately where you’re headed. Enjoy the trip, but don’t forget, it is more than a joyride, it’s a journey; you are actually going somewhere.

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