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Long Overdue News and Updates

I’m sitting at Break Espresso in Missoula, Montana on my third cup of coffee, half-working, half-journaling and 100% relaxed. If you know me, you know that I’m the type that works on vacation – and this trip in particular has been one of the best. I’m halfway through a week of design, coffee, good food, quality time with friends and the beautiful northwest scenery. I love it.

Mai + TJ (are getting hitched)

I (along with the Prior dudes) made the 21 hour trek to Missoula to visit our friends, Mai and TJ. They’re two of my favorite of people in the world and in just a few more days, this amazing couple is going to be married. I couldn’t be more excited. I made the save-the-date’s months ago – can’t believe the wedding is already here! So pumped.


Here’s a selection of projects from the past several months.

Forerunner Arts Exhibition

Joel Sorge, director of Forerunner Arts in Kansas City, held a gallery show for local artists last month. I submitted several pieces to the show; here are my favorites. For this project, I wanted to experiment and venture out of my comfort zone. The bold, minimalistic approach of the likes of the Small Stakes and Mattson Creative provoked me to try something different with this project. It was fun and challenging, and I’m really happy with the way the posters turned out. (I’ll have prints for sale soon.)


Onething Internship Powderpuff T-shirts

This spring, I had the chance to design shirts for the Onething Internship Powderpuff Football match again. Both teams this time. Simple, fun and straight forward. They keep it brutal on the field.

Branding for Awakening Teen Camp and The Purple Pig Tour!

I’ve had the privilege of being a part of IHOP-KC’s Marketing Department Family on and off for the past couple years. One of the last projects I had the chance to work on while in Marketing was a rebranding of IHOP-KC’s Awakening Teen Camp. ATC was my introduction to the house of prayer and what I consider the most significant experience of my teenage/young adult years. Considering my history with ATC, this project was special to me.

Recently, I began working with Luke18 Project as the ‘creative guy’. Branding The Purple Pig Tour! was one of my first projects in that role. I had the opportunity to create the concept and help design new websites for Luke18 Project and the Purple Pig Tour!. For three weeks (September 26-October 9) in California, Luke18 Project+TheCall will host gatherings on college campuses and in local churches to rally a generation to a culture of prayer and a life of mission. The name of the tour is inspired by a book written in the 70’s by Dick Eastman called The Purple Pig and other Miracles. The book will be republished for this tour. You can learn more about Luke18 Project at and The Purple Pig Tour! at (Hope to see you in California.)


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