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Nothing But the Blood

A few months ago, while spending time with Jesus, I felt a tug on my heart about His passion for justice. At that time, the Holy Spirit struck my heart with this message and gave me this image.


I’ve been waiting for the Lord to show me what to do with these T-Shirts since November. After events and encounters that the Lord has been highlighting to me over the past few months, I’ve decided to debut this project on the internet to raise funds and encourage intercession for two specific areas:

1. Adoption
The impact of Derek Loux’s passing stirred my heart to sow into the movement of adoption that he spent His life serving. The Lord’s desire to defend the poor and the fatherless has been gripping my heart. The Josiah Fund is an opportunity to partner with the Lord and believers to serve special needs orphans in a community of prayer.

2. Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts
The sobering events surrounding the Haiti Earthquake were an intense reminder that the day of Christ’s return are drawing near. In the days of crisis coming, there will be no hope of compassion or justice apart from Christ. While we have the opportunity, I desire to see the Church cultivate a heart that stands with Christ in prayer, love and humility, ready and able to to do the work He called us to. In this time of Haiti’s crisis, I want to sow into the mission of preaching of the gospel and the defending the poor and afflicted.

This project will be maintained through F!GHT, a small ministry/clothing company to the underground music scene run by my friend Stephen and I. You can help partner with this effort by purchasing a Nothing But the Blood Shirt or spreading the word.

Description from F!GHT Clothing
Humanity is no stranger to pain. The deceit, disaster and wickedness increasing in our world leaves countless lives battered, broken and desperately in need of healing and salvation. As we continue to witness devastation in our lives, it is becoming apparent that human kindness is not an endless resource. But though our compassion has a limit, the love of Jesus Christ endures without end. While love grows cold around us, there is a tender call resounding from the words of God to the hearts of those He loves, “Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy. Show kindness and mercy to one another. Go into the world and proclaim the gospel to all creation. Whoever believes will be saved.”Today there are approximately 150,000,000 orphans in our world; over 5,000 are added to that number daily. In the United States, 50% of children live in a home without a father. In recent days, the cataclysmic earthquake in Haiti left 100,000 dead in moments. 1/3 of Haiti’s population has been directly affected and the death toll is suspected to climb to 500,000. Pain, suffering and brokenness surround us, and though we relentlessly strive to mend with kindness the affliction in our world, our efforts alone are mere band-aids on the fatal wounds of sin and adversity.  Our only lasting hope for real peace, justice, truth, and love is found in Jesus Christ alone.

With F!GHT, we want to take seriously God’s call to lay down our lives to serve the afflicted and preach the good news of Jesus and His kingdom. It is burning in our hearts to rally one another to follow Christ in a prayerful labor of love. Our mission with Nothing but the Blood is to help deliver the glorious hope of eternal life with Jesus and the compassionate endeavor of critical support and relief to orphans and those affected by the earthquake in Haiti. 100% of the profit from these shirt sales will help fund the rescue and adoption of special needs orphans as well as the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. With equal passion, we want to urge everyone who loves Jesus to talk with Him about justice. Discover the depth of His love toward the lost, poor, and fatherless, then take up His cause.

A fistful of dollars will reach the end of its usefulness, but the lovingkindness of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ will never fail.

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