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workspaceProductivity has always been fairly important to me.  The feeling of ‘ a job well done ‘ ranks right up there with a good day off in my book. I’ve tried out a number of different surroundings to enhance the experience and productivity of my work: the prayer room, dimly-lit office, brightly-lit office, home office, someone else’s office – but the winner by a mile is ‘the coffeeshop’.  At this point, just about any coffeeshop will do, even Starbucks. While I’m sure the actual coffee is a significant factor, but there’s something I really enjoy about sitting down for 2-4 hours next to a window and moving down my tasklist checking off items.  It’s now part of my weekly routine and it’s improved my efficiency and attitude quite a bit compared to working at home or at the office.

On a different note, I’m making it a priority to keep this site updated regularly. On the blog, I’m going to be posting mostly announcements and helpful links (or at least one’s I like). I’ll probably write an occasional article and I’ll do my best to post new work regularly ( and keep the portfolio section updated bi-monthly; if I can do that consistently for a year, I’ll consider it one of my greatest achievements ever )

In the meantime, check out the footer for links to my twitter and some of my friends’ sites.
– Andrew

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