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What’s new these days

So it’s clear, I’m working behind the scenes to do some (minor) updating to the look and feel of AND to finally complete the about and portfolio sections of the site. Both of these are long overdue.

In the meantime, I thought I’d post a few recent projects.

Warning: This is a shameless plug. I submitted this design at RedisWhite is essentially a Christian (I use that term loosely) version of Threadless or DesignByHumans. Voting isn’t quite as simple as pressing ‘vote’. When you visit the page, rate the shirt a ‘5’ and post a comment.


Team Palehorse
A few weeks ago, my friend Bethany asked me to design a team shirt for the One Thing Internship powder puff football game. To my delight, the team landed on the name ‘Palehorse’ which I’ve been trying to get someone to use forever! Not to be confused with the band, here is the shirt for Team Palehorse, OTI July 2009 Powderpuff Football .


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